Mivtach Simon Brand Design Video
Design for the new company branding and logo video - insurance company 'Mivtach Simon'
Design and animation for the digital visibility of the site. Embedding the animations in Json format for best results. Done with Michal Agur.
Zoma AI
Zoma's newly released video showcases how they can shift your team out of the Stone Age and into the future of services proposal. Don't miss out on the revolution Done at Sequence
Ofek is a credit union that provides fair and affordable financial services. As a social credit association, Ofek is a worthy alternative for households and small businesses discriminated against by commercial banks.
Opener Kan Lab Show
Opener for The Lab Show - Kan Arb science and knowledge show
SolidRun Ti Sitara product video
Product video for SolidRun latest system on module based on the TI Sitara AM64x from Texas Instruments. Direction, animation and design. 3D by Saar Glaon
K health
K health is an AI powered app driven on data from millions of past patient experiences to get everyone faster and more affordable quality care.
Product Videos for SolidRun
Product videos for SolidRun - Embedded edge computing 3D rendering by Saar Galon
Brocali is an E-learning platform who aim to deliver medical and scientific knowledge with fun, easy and creative ways to pave your way for successful medical future
Color Challenge
Tondo smart lighting
Design and animation for Tondo explainer video. with Silueta studio
Promo design and animation for Kan Podcast 'The Hive'
Tel Aviv-Jaffa Pipeline Works
A short explainer video about Yefet street Pipeline works with the advanced Micro tunneling system. Design for Silueta Studio Tel-Aviv.
FireGrain Freekeh
frame by frame and 2d animation for FireGrain Freekeh commercial. Done with Eli Rezik
Kaful Branding
Branding for 'Kaful' - Hummus and Iranian grill restaurant located in Nahalat Binyamin in the heart of Tel Aviv.
Bread and Salt
Title and credits design for the documentry film 'Bread and Salt' by Lizka Assa For Kan Israel
Logo & Branding for Kan Gimel - Agan Hayam Hatichon
Branding and animation for the legendary show 'Agan Hayam Hatichon' in Kan gimel Israel showcasting mediterranean music.
Zalabia Sweet
Zalabia sweet for kan Arb Israel. Design and animation for the graphics of this explainer video about Zalabia sweets history and origins. With director Elireo. Inspired by the talented work of Markconlan.
Lab-Grown Meat
The future of meat is cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly. It will also be grown in a lab. Design and animation for Kan Arb
Seance Secrets Video Opener
Design and animation for 'Secrets of Seance' series at yes vod Israel
PopCorona Series for Kan Arb TV shows and movies recommendations for quarantine time at home With Mike J Kardosh
Kan arb Opinion
Opening animation for Kan-arb Opinion ('my opinion') series
The International Olympic Quiz Explainer Video
A short explainer motion graphics about the International Olympic Quiz taking place in June every year for school and university students. Direction: Dor Witllin Animation by: Dvir Aviram Sound and Music: Leon Riskin
Explainer Video for 10 Wave
Script, Design and animation for '10 Wave' real-estate platform
Motion Banners Pool of INSPIRATION
Design and Motion project for The Poll Studio Tel Aviv
Music Posters
Motion Branding Jam 88
Logo design for Kan 88fm - Jam88 Live music from the radio station studios of KAN streaming live in facebook and youtube every wendnesday. Logo design, graphic identity and animation.
Pencil is a short motion graphics project made for pencil exhibition in Tel-aviv. The project shows different ways to use a pencil. Exhibition curator: Limor yossifon goldman. The exhibition was produced by 'Alefalefalef'
CruiSea is an app that Connects people on cruises. Using advanced technology instaed of a GPS. Design and illustration for explainer video Animation by Dvir Aviram
Mugshots Posters
A series of mugshots from the archives of sydney police station who underwent design manipulation and changed following the story of the photographed.
Animated short explainer video for Draco company. Founded in 1967, Draco Ltd is a privately owned, financially independent company. Draco is an authorised distributor for both the television and CPE industry. Draco represent a multitude of leading companies in the international broadcasting field and our company imports a variety of solutions from the world’s best equipment manufacturers for local end users. In this explainer, Draco clean, orginize and converts old tape and film formats into HD files format and stores them into an unique cloud.
Elite Chocolate Biscuit
Elite Chocolate Biscuits packaging design Designed @ Oi - design studio Tel-Aviv
Wear a Mask
Wear a Mask Is a criticism of the social networks. Most of us wear a mask to image someone else. someone we wanted to be but not ourselfs.
Shopping Channel TV Ident
TV channel branding design for the Israeli shopping channel
My Weeding
In my wedding invitation I chosed to illustrate myself and my wife to be. One thing lead to another, and this is the result. Enjoy!
Series of Buildings in Tel Aviv, Israel. In order to create awareness of the architectural beauty of the neglected buildings in the streets of Tel-Aviv. Most of the houses were taken in south of Tel-Aviv
Mas Que La Cara
Mas Que La Cara from Spanish - "more than the face" or "added face" is the root of the word "Mask" ---- A little girl living in futuristic pre columbian tribe in which everybody is wearing a mask. The girl reaches the age of maturity where she will get a mask and she understands that accepting the mask will make her one of the tribe ----------- My graduation project for Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in the Visual Communincation department - 2013
Israel Electric Corporation
TV Commercial for The Israel Electric Corporation
Adult cartoon network identity Framework of channel identity design course Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Open Titles
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